VC-FLX1 Smart Speaker



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Going beyond the capabilities of average wireless speakers with Onkyo’s VC-FLX1 Smart Speaker. Amazon Alexa Voice Service answers questions, manages household tasks, and plays music hands-free. With Alexa enabled devices connected, you can control thermostats, lighting, and much more by voice, giving you greater control of your environment. An integrated webcam and built-in sensors partnered with Toshiba Smart Home Services, a cloud-based smart home management solution, and the Toshiba Smart Home App, a free control app for iPhone, iPad, and Android™ devices, allow you to monitor a room or control the climate with preconfigured smart devices connected. You’ll receive phone alerts if there are any changes. Smart, flexible, and easy to use, Onkyo’s VC-FLX1 Smart Speaker puts you in control of your connected home.

  • Powered by Amazon® Alexa Voice Service
  • Wide-angle HD video camera for video/voice calls and room monitoring (lens cover included)
  • Store recorded video footage on associated cloud service
  • Built-in temperature, audio, motion, light, and humidity sensors
  • Control supported smart appliances remotely via smartphone or tablet
  • Works with Toshiba Smart Home Services and Toshiba Smart Home App for iPad, iPhone, and Android™ devices
  • Wi-Fi 5 Ghz / 2.4 Ghz & Bluetooth®

This product is covered by a One-year Warranty. Some features may require firmware updates or paid subscription(s).